Friday, April 18, 2008

Pimp My Issue Weapon, Episode 1

For various reasons I was thinking about how generally crappy the National Guard's issue M-16 A2's were, and wondering just how much I could get away with in the way of modifying my issued weapon.M16A2

I think my best bet is to get an A4 upper for my A2. This way it would still look like an issue weapon, but not the one I was issued.

As you can see, the only difference between the two is a removable carry handle on a flat-top upper. Some A4s, referred to by the Army as M16A4 MWS, come issued with a Knight's Armament Company's(KAC) M5 Rail Adapter System. (RAS).

Marine firing M16A4 MWS with ACOG optic.

Another major problem with the A2 (and A4) is the trigger. Due to the mechanical requirements of the 3-round burst, the trigger has one of the worst pulls available. Any A4s that the Army converts into Squad Designated Marksman Rifles (SMDRs) the trigger pack is pulled out and replaced with a KAC 2-stage match grade trigger capable of only semi-automatic fire.

But I dare not alter the function of the weapon. That's just asking for deep trouble.

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