Tuesday, August 14, 2007

250 Rounds of Awesome!

I took my newest toy to the range today, and was very impressed. A .40 S&W Steyr M40-A1 handgun, it was everything I could hope for and more.

This being my first handgun, I approached the purchase with trepidation. I wanted something accurate, reliable, and in a good caliber. Low weight and good looks wouldn't hurt either. Also weighing in: I wanted something that my friends didn't already have, so I would have something to show off at the range.

I considered several different brands including Springfield Armory (too common), H&K (too expensive) and Glock (the 'I'll have the chicken' of handguns) until I found the Steyr M-A1 series (just right). And at $395 + MN sales tax for a new-in-box handgun, it was a heck of a buy as well considering that MSRP is $589. Yes, I know MSRP is always really high, but it was still a heck of a deal.

Let me state first that I have not, as of yet, done any accuracy testing on this handgun. All I have tested is function and feel(i.e. how the gun fits and moves in my hands). So far, it works flawlessly, and is only a little too big for my girly hands, corrected easily by shifting my hands slightly during magazine release.

During the course of the day I fired 200 Winchester 165 grain FMJ and 50 180 grain FMJ .40 S&W, all flawlessly. There were no jams of any kind. I was especially impressed by this because I have heard of many guns having a 'break-in period' where jams are commonplace while parts and springs wear in.

Draws were smooth and snag-free from Prometheus's UTG Tactical Thigh Holster, and point-shooting and aimed shots were very successful with the Trapezoid sights.

Groupings to follow.

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